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Hi Emily and Kay
Thanks so much for your kind words. I have bilateral pars defect and ddd and spondy. Also a buldging disk. My Dr. wants to to the dysense rods on l4and l5 level. Also either the level above or below not sure yet. He wants to try to stabilze the spine and if that does not work then it will be a fusion. I am a manager of a retail store in the mall. I have been very fortunate to continue to work with the help of the meds. The Dr. told me too Emily that I will probably always been on pain meds. The surgery only gives me a 50-50 chance of relieving the pain. At this point that chance is like gold. My husband is disabled and we still have a daughter at home. I really want to continue working but never know which way live will take us. I try not to let the unknowns get to me. I am just so glad I found my Dr. I have had back problems for about 15 years and never really had anyone that would care. Last April it went Chronic and wow was that hard. The pain just would not go away. I hurt very bad on my right buttocks and hip we went thru the dignose unknown for about 4 months. Finally I found my neuro and he is great. I had the facet joint injections and nerve burning. I got pretty good relief after the injections for a few days any way. The nerve burning took care of the leg pain. Funny that all the x-rays and mri's showed I should have pain on the left. Well know last week when everything spun out of control the left side hurt real bad. I told the ER Dr to cut me off at the waist.

Sorry I got carried away. I am just so thankful to have people that understand what I am going thru. I think that unless someone has experienced chronic pain and back issues they really don't understand.

My family is very understanding and I am thankful for that.

I will probably have my surgery date on the 13th. My Dr. told me in December when I was sick of the pain and could not bear it any more we would do the surgery. I thought yea that won't happen I am tough and can handle it. Well I guess I found out that I was joking myself. The pain last week was so incrediable bad I was so thankful for the ER staff. I was scared to go because so many people abuse the system and just want drugs. They standardly use back issues for their reason and I thought the ER would look at me as a drug seeker. But they didn't they of course were in communication with my DR office so that was nice.

I think the steriods helped the most but the DR said that the pain shots and stronger muscle relaxers would help break that pain cycle. Which it did but I again am back to walking very careful and not being able to pull open doors. Thank goodness for automatic doors. Well I have rambled enough.

Take care and have a great weekend


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