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My neck pain began about 4 years ago. Then, it would radiate through my upper back and sometimes to my upper arms. I did physical therapy, muscle relaxers, various meds, epidurals, etc. Nothing worked. An MRI showed some impinging at C5-6. Neurologist told me to live with it. I did, and the pain went away after some months.

Two years ago, after a rear-end, it came back. Again, meds didn't work much. I lived with it and it went away.

A few months ago it came back, possibly from working out wrong. I work out to strengthen my upper body to avoid the pain coming back. Again, tried all the meds and taking 800mg ibuprofen 3X a day to keep the pain down. This time it is a little different though:

The pain is not radiating in to my arms or upper back. It sort of stays in my neck where it spasms and then might spasm or send pain down the front of my traps (above the collar bone).

Also, the pain comes and goes and moves around throughout the day. In the morning my left neck will hurt and then later it will be just fine and the right side will hurt.

Massages seem to help, but the pain always sticks around.

No headaches or tingling. I sleep just great.

I have excellent posture and computer ergonomics. I focus on relaxing my muscles and do meditation / yoga.

I have great range of motion for my neck and no weakness or sharp pains when doing strenuous activities.

My doc just thinks its muscular, but wouldn't it have gone away by now if it was just muscular?

What do you guys think it might be? The pain moving around like that. The lack of medication working. Its at a level 3-6 all day. Any thing else I can try? I do stretching too.

Just a bit frustrated. Thanks!

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