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After I've been doing so well and now this!:blob_fire And I dont think this is a flare up.:eek:

My old sciatica is BACK and with WORSE THAN EVER before! :dizzy: :dizzy: I can barely walk! My feet are tingling, burning, aching. It's crawling across my lower back and into my behind again and down the back of my right leg, into the calf, ankle. Except this time I have nerve pain to add to it and my feet are half asleep and ache. Im taking my meds.. but not much help Im afraid and using my bag of tricks isn't working either. NUTS!!!

This started 3 or 4 nights ago doing my exercises that I do, which is only stretching really and most of my work is upper body also. I felt like I had overdone it a tad and would be sore, but the next morning I felt like I was starting to have a flare up.

Well, I've respected this until now, and today.. I am miserable! I have not felt like this since before my surgery 10months ago! I am upset to say the least, not to mention in a great deal of pain. CRAP!!! (and all the other 4 letter metaphors I cant type here)!!!:p

Well, I DO already have an appointment with my surgeon scheduled for this coming week (thank god), and hopefully he can schedule me for a new MRI and give me some roids to help temporarily.

I also will HAVE to switch docs, as my current surgeon is out of my insurance network and I am STILL paying for the last surgery with him. I found a new surgeon that is in my network about an hour from my home and he is a spine surgeon with fellowship and all, and is from John Hopkins. I am calling this guy Monday morning, first thing!

Sorry to unload here.. but I am just so distraught right now (as I drop many tears). I was doing so well.. so well. I have to stay alert, I just started back to school and it's BIOCHEMISTRY/PHSYIO/ANATOMY! Yikes!!! God, I hope this settles down. I also have family from Europe coming beginning at end of March through Mid May! <<<<<<<>>>>>>>>!!! :mad:
I dont know if that helped or not??

Well thanks for letting me vent. I feel absolutely helpless right now.

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