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I have been doing some lifting at my job recently, and one day my back started to hurt. I had a few sharp pains in my lower back and I felt alright for a while but then things started to get worse. Within minutes I found it hard to move, and I have had this pain since Wednesday, with today being Saturday. When the sharp pains started however, I wasn't lifting anything. So its not like I picked something heavy up and immediatley felt it. The pain is really bad. Its worse if I sit for a long time, and in the morning after sleeping, I can barely get out of bed. I found that if I am up and moving around for a good part of the day, it gets better...The pain itself is strange feels like cramping. If your a woman, it feels like severe period cramps, but I do not have mine nor am I expecting it any time soon...I can feel it in my lower back but I do also feel it internally like a stomach ache sorta thing. It almost feels like pelvic pain. I have also had a lot of eye infections recently, and last week my eyelid blew up and I found out I had a chalazion, which I guess is a cyst. I have also noticed that the skin on my stomach has turned a nice shade of red, which is also unexplainable... I guess I just want to know if this sounds familiar to anyone. If its a back injury because of my lifting, then I can easily accept that and just feel stupid for doing such work, but if someone thinks it is reason for concern, i would appreciate hearing from them. Thanks!!!!

I think you should definitely see a doctor to find out exactly what's going on.
What you describe sounds alot like what happened to me. One day I had pushed a small amount of snow over to the side of my driveway ( i didnt lift it and it was light, so I just simply stood straight & pushed it out of the way). Well, the NEXT day is when I could not even move. The pain got worse & worse, especially while sitting, and I could pin point where in my spine it was. It felt like I had metal shards in there and the pain went into my lower back and also, like you, radiated to my abdominal area and spread around in there. Yes, I also started feeling like I had cramps. I also got nauseous and started vomitting constantly from the pain. After a while you're not even sure where the pain is coming from anymore. And I also got sciatica down my legs while walking. I had an MRI done and found 2 herniated discs (one was torn) right in the same area that I first felt all the pain. I also found out I had other spine issues, but this particular pain came from the disc problems.

So I cant say for sure if you have this, but it sounds similar. Only a doc can diagnose please make an appointment if it's not getting any better.

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