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well im not sure if i told you guys this but here goes. yesterday i went to the er because of the severity of weakness in both of my legs and severe throbbing and gnawing in mid thoracic back. the nurse comes in and asks me what brings me to the er. i told her that about a month ago i started having a mild throbbing pain in my thoracic spine and weakness and since then its been getting substantialy worse every day. i told her that i also have the urgency to move my bowels and that started happening when the throbbing came. she said well it sound to me that it can be gasturous from the ultram ive been taking. i said ive been taking the ultram for a year and never had any problems.. so she left and i waited for 2 hours in pain while i waited for the doctor. the doctor came in and i told him the same thing, he did not ask me to undress or lift my shirt or bend or walk, nothing. i then told him about the fusion surgery a year ago and immediately he said lumbar spine.

he asked who did my surgery and if i saw him for the new symptoms yet. i told him who it was and that i didnt want to bother him until i found out exactly what was wrong and explored all non operative treatment you guys know the whole long journey before you consider surgery. i then told him i was seeing my pain management doctor who specializes in pain of the spine and he ordered an mri of the thoracic and cervical spine... i told him my neck and right arm hurt pretty bad to but not like my back and weakness... dr. er then took my films and reviewed them, not even on the light board. he looked at a few of them and mighty quick if i do say so myself.. he says no it looks good no problems. he said im going to call your orthopedic and ask him if he wants me to do any test and if you can see him soon.??? he calls my doc and i over hear his conversation and he says no theres no weakness just pain raidiating down both legs and back pain all of his reflexes are fine and his films are goog should i run a ct on his lumbar spine? i wanted to interupt him and say what the hell are you talking about, i mean i told him i had severe and i mean severe numbness and weakness in my legs and severe throbbing in back with the urgency to move bowels.

so i go down to the ct room and have the ct done. 2 hours later the results come back and the er doc says lets read them together. it said that t12 the lowest part of the thoracic spine was unremarkable and i have a diffused disk bulgde at l1 right above the fusion. he says thats whats causing your weakness and throbbing. he says that the nerves on both sides of the disc are being compressed and that why there is weakness in both legs... i said wouldnt i have sciatica or pain raidiating in both legs he says yes. i said well there is not really any pain at all in the legs its just very very very weak..

the thoracic mri that i have says that t12 is good and i can see for myself that this is true. but when you get to t1, t2, t3 things are a bit different. t2 is the one that is compromising the spinalcord.

has anyone ever had an experiance like this before?

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