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Sleeping On Stomach
Feb 12, 2007
All of my life I have slept on my stomach. I know that after a fusion doing this is one of the worst things that you can do. Since I have been feeling so much better I roll onto my stomach when I am in a deep sleep and don't wake up until I start hurting.

Don't get me wrong when I go to sleep I am either on my back with a pillow underneath my legs or on my side with a pillow between my legs. I also surround myself with pillows to try to avoid the stomach.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to keep from rolling onto my stomach during the night? I think it is causing part of my morning pain and stiffness. Thanks in advance for any advice!:jester:

I also slept on my stomach before hand. And when I actually get sleep I find myself rolling to my stomach durning the nite and bam I am awake again due to the pain. My boyfriend suggested we try those big giant "body pillows" so we bought two and I have one on each side of me and reg pillow between my legs of course. I think I must use about 8 pillows total, it is quite sad. But I have found since using the big giant "body pillows" I have not rolled to my stomach. Also I have always slept very close to the edge of the bed too, one nite I dropped my leg off the bed while sleeping and wow..that hurt so bad, so the body pillows also keep me from doing that.

Strange thing is...I now find myself sleeping on my back!!! I never ever slept on my back before. And I must move that pillow under my legs in my sleep, cause it is always there when I wake up.

/hugs Niki

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