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Long story short. I've been involved in 5 car accidents over the last 20 years. Four of them were from the rear when sitting at traffic lights or in traffic. One resulted in avascular necrosis of the left hip which was addressed by having a bone graft done from my lower left leg. So far, this has held up, it continues to be viable. All of the accidents have traumatized the c-spine, caused upper back problems and neck problems to include severe headaches. The latest accident happened in July 06. Instantly the familiar burning sensation began in the upper back and neck. I've been seeing a phisio md since for trigger point injections, accupuncture and deep tissue massage. The reason I am posting here and now is because initially after the accident there was a strange sensation in my lower back, but it didn't seem signigificant compared to the neck and upper back. On January 31,st my lower back began to ache. Like a pressure ache. I didn't say anything to anyone because I figured the weekend is coming, I'll just take it easy and this will go away. WRONG...each day the intensity of the pain has increased and changed. The last day I've worked was Feb. 5th. I saw the PA at the ortho. I was scheduled to have an MRI on Feb. 27th. On Feb. 7th, the pain was so bad that my husband rushed me to the er where they gave me a morphine injection. I am taking percocet, skelaxin, phenergen for nausia, and two other meds, one for nerve pain and the other ?. The MRI was moved up to Feb. 8th. It revealed a large herniation at L2 L3, a possible annular tear at L5 S1, no caudia geuina ... This is the absolute worst pain I've ever had, even worse than the pain of a dying femor head in my left hip. It is a pressure ache pain in the lower back on both sides of the spine, more on right. Butt pain, Right hip pain on the outside, on the inside is the same pressure ache pain like in the lower back. Inside the right thigh, really bad on the outside right thigh both sides to the knee. Below the knee is loss of sensation, numbness, no foot pain, thank God. And there is considerable leg weakness, I can't lift off on the right leg to climb the stairs or step off a curb without feeling like I will fall. Getting dressed below the waist is a long labor of pain. This is while taking all of the meds listed above every four hours. I haven't lost bladder control, but when I have to go, I really have to go, sometimes I don't even make it to the toilet seat before the stream begins. There is also an increased problem with bowel movements; lots of pain when trying to have one, sure that the pain meds may be backing up the plumbing a bit. Sitting on the toilet is becoming a fear, let alone trying to do the paperwork afterwords. I hope the previous discription wasn't too graphic. It is extremely painful for the right hip, right thigh and lower back during and afterwards. Sitting, lying either out right or inclined, both with pillow under right knee, standing, and walking are all irritants to the pain and discomfort. I will be seeing the ortho surgeon on Tues. Feb. 20th. Anyone been here? What happens next?

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