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Has anyone had a fusion surgery without the Discogram? The discogram scares me more than the surgery
I am getting fusion without the discogram. My surgeon told me I could get one but with my situation he felt no need. And ofcourse he said it would be putting myself in alot of pain.

He told me mine was a clear-cut case that was easily seen spondy and severe ddd with no other problems in my spine.

I don't believe I had a discogram. I wasn't told about it . I had a laminectomy ,whats a discogram . I did have a fusion or trying to have a fusion.
Anyway hope you don't have to suffer for to long :eek: [/SIZE]
I imagine that it is very possible, although not really logical. The whole point of the discogram is to insure that the surgeon fuses the right disc. Although a MRI may show, lets say the L4 disc herniated, the discogram may discover that it is L5 that is actually causing your pain. MRIs are not always reliable in discovering the absolute cause of your pain, but a discogram will target the correct disc or discs that are the cause.
As far as pain from the discogram, well yes there is pain, but you are obvious experiancing pain already, so it will be nothing new to you, and sorry to inform you that it does not compare to post surgery pain. The pain from a discogram will last a couple of days and will only be painful at the actual disc(s) that is bad. My advice is have the discogram because you do not want the surgeon to fuse a disc that he/she does not have to. Remember the pain will only last a little while, and your Dr. will likely give you a script for pain meds.

Good luck to you

[SIZE="3"]Is it the same thing as a myelogram ? I never had a discogram before my sugery ,but they already knew what my problem was to so.

I wouldn't think it would compare at all either to surgery pain. :)
Good luck with your surgery [/SIZE]

I just had my fusion surgery and there was never a mention of the discogram. I would think that all of the other things that I have been through that this was left out. It has been a long time since I have felt this good.

I experienced an "[COLOR="red"]attempted myelogram[COLOR="Black"]and it was okay. Not the most favorite experince but still better than other things that I have been through. The spine surgeon that I finally went and saw said there is no doubt what needs to happen. He was so matter of fact; so far so good it has been a little over a week since the surgery.

He said based over looking the MRI's that had been done that it was so easy to see. He took a few x-rays and said it is so so clear what is going on and what needs to be done. He showed it to me it was all so clear. I imagine that is why the nuero surgeon told me to get a third point of view.

Sorry this was a little wordy,

I had previous surgery on L4-5 20 years ago (disectomy) and they used a myelogram. They gave me novacane to numb me for the myelogram needle so I didn't feel it. After the surgery though, I felt like a million dollars except where they had done the myelogram. It wasn't that bad though. Now the neuro is telling me that I need a three level fusion and he wants a discogram first. I hesitated and he sent me to a pain doc who said I don't need a fusion. It's amazing how two doctors can read a report so very differently. When you are dealing with something as serious as a three level fusion, you would think they would think more carefully before giving a good or bad diagnosis

3 levels huh ? Wow thats alot. I had a mylogram it wasn't bad until the radiolist told me to slide onto the rollerbed ,then it felt like someone smashed my back with a sledgehammer:eek: I stayed in the hospital for a few hours that day.

Good Luck on your surgery , I have heard the discograms hurt a little .[/SIZE]

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