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Hoping someone can answer a few questions I have..
I am a 40 yr. old male who was recently (2/15) diagnosed with Lumbar DDD. I have been out of work since the 6th of Feb. Went to the Ortho and he told me that I need to stay out of work till atleast 4/15 and go to physical therapy 3 times a week to see if strengthening my core will help ease some of the pain.On a scale of 1-10, I've constantly been at a 10!!! I can not sit for more than a few minutes, laying down is torture and so is walkingor should I say hobbling! I have unbearable pain in my lower back, groin, and shooting down my left leg to the knee. The ortho first put me on Flexeril and Motrin, the Flexeril made my heart race, so I was switched to Soma 350mg 4x daily. I continue to take the Motrin 800mg 4xdaily, with absolutley no relief!!!!!!! I have gone to physical therapy three times so far, the first two days, he had me lay on my stomach and try to raise up my torso by pushing up on my arms, I can only get about three inches off the ground before I'm in agony and have to stop. He tried putting the heating pad on my back and that just made it worse the instant he put it on. I was told to try and do this as much as possible at home 10-15 times every hour!! On the third visit for therapy, things got much worse. He had me lay on my stomach and raise one leg at a time. The instant I did this I was in agony, it hurt so bad I began to shake!!!! He had me stop and tried to put the heating pad on me again.. I refused! The pain in my groin had begun to go away but, since that session on 2/22 it's now constantand goes right down my left leg to about the knee. These meds aren't doing anything at all except giving me an upset stomach and making me feel like a zombie, which I do not like at all! I've also noticed something new as well, not sure if it's related to the back issue or not though. Seems almost everytime I close my eyes, when I go to open them, my left eye will not open at all, it's like it's glued shut! I have to pull it open and hold it that way for a second to get it to stay open!!!!!!
Does anyone have any suggestions as to what would help? Is the eye thing something that could be related? I could use all the help or adive I can get at this point!!!!! Please help!

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