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I have had a flare of lower back pain for a bit over a week now. My chiro says it's some sciatica because the pain travels down my buttock, back of my leg and into my foot. I also had aching in both hips, but that seems to have gone away. But, I have also had aching pain in the fronts of both thighs. Does anyone ever have that when you have a flare-up of back pain? Sometimes, it feels like a burning/stinging sensation.

Any input would be very appreciated!
Hello Whitsmom,

I have 2 bulging discs, L2/3, L4/5 and I have pain in my hips and especially down the front of my right leg, most of it at the top. It's mostly pain rather than the burning sensation. However, most of my pain is in the lower back area, of course.

I have problems sitting very long, standing/walking very long, and of course bending over. Most of the time, there is no comfortable position for me.

I just injured myself, causing the L2/3 a couple of weeks ago and have an appt. with neurosurgeon at the end of March.

The only thing that really helps me is moist heat and just getting up and down, whatever makes me feel better.

Hope this helps and keep me informed,


PS: I agree with Jill's 2 cents :)

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