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I had my fusion (L5-S1) and laminectomy in September 28, 2005. Been back to work since Jan. ?, 2006. It was tough but I "worked through the pain" and "dealt with it". (As I'm sure you ALL understand). Was feeling better but the chronic pain never receded completely. Back around September of 2006 I started to have more pain, harder time doing laundry, vacuuming, loading dishwasher, etc. I've been taking Aleve and using Therma-Care heat patches, doing the spa tub soaks, taking my leftover Vicodin cough syrup :), and anything else to try to relieve the pain and it just keeps getting worse.

Now I am back to having the pain going down my left leg and into my calf, it is a burning, aching pain that gets worse from sitting or standing for too long. For the last couple of weeks my calf muscle feels like it is constantly being clenched. When I put on pants, shorts, etc. and they touch the back of my leg it kills sometimes. My spinal column sometimes feels like someone is sticking a hot poker through my spinal canal. My left side of my back and butt sometimes get really cold and go numb and I just plain ache every second of every day throughout my lower back and through my hips.

So, yeah I guess I am still having pain.

And you're right a second opinion is definately called for. My doctor I was seeing was an Orthopedic Surgeon. I googled the Neurosurgeon that I went to before and found a court case where someone was awarded $4 million because he fused the wrong levels on her and hid it from her for 2 years before she finally went to someone else and found out what had happened. So, I think I need to see either a Neorologist or a Neurosurgeon but I'm going to have to find a different one. Reading about that makes me very nervous.

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