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Hello, I have posted on here a few times and i was wondering about this terrible pain i have in my upper back and neck.
The pain in my upper back and neck is all the time 24/7. But it is sooooooo bad when i drink or eat something very cold. It hurts in the middle part of my back almost between my shoulder blades runs up into my neck and sometimes my head hurts.
Has anyone ever heard of such a thing? and do you think it might be nerve related ?
I know it might sound crazy but its the truth.
I have never heard of this from anyone on this message board.
Also what king of doctor should i see about this?
Thanks so much .. Sure hope someone can help me with this. Its been going on for 2 years now.
depending on how close any given nerve actually is within that esophogeal area,this could actually happen.i do believe the vagus?is actually the closest to that area and would run thru the area where you are describing your pain?not 100% certain here tho.try looking up cranial nerves-images.this will show you many different pics of which nerves run where.try and actually map the pain in relation to what you feel and what runs the closest to the esophagus.this would be the really best way i think at this point to at least give you an idea of where this could be stemming from.tho most of us have 'normal' nerve patterns as far as actually matching up with the diagrams we look at to see where the nerves are,many people will have slight or even huge deviations in as far as how any given individuals actual nerve patterns will really run thru our bodies.its just the way things are could have been this way from birth,or,and this is usually more the reason,there could be something compressing or pushing on a nerve that changes its normal pathway.something like a herniation or another malformation can possibly do this too.

given the symptoms,obtaining an MRI on your c spine could possibly reveal the actual reason for this.was this sort of a sudden onset type symptom or was this always this way to an extent?i would definitely bring this up to your primary doc so he is aware and can do a neuro eval and possibly refer you for that should at least be evaluated since it isn't what would be considered a 'normal' body system reaction,you know what i mean?please let me know what you find out i am really curious now to see what is actually triggering this odd symptom.good luck KC,marcia
Marcia.. This has been hurting for about 2 years now and getting worst. I do have a anachnoid cyst in my lower back near my kidney. Maybe that is causing the pain up there in mu upper back and neck.
I am gonna take a look at these images and see what i can find.
I am on Long Term Disability right now because of this pain in my lower back from the cyst. I don't have health insurance and cannot afford a mri right now.
Just having a very rough time right now and needed someone to talk to and get great advise from.Thanks.. I will let you know anything i find out.
I looked at the images online for the cranial nerves in the esophagus. It really didn't show anything with the symptoms i have.
Thanks any way for your advise.
I hope there is somemore advise on here about this pain am having.
I check this every day.

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