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Thanks for your reply. I'm not sure what I have, and it appears neither do my Drs. For some reason every MRI states something similar but different. Strange. The neurosurgeon I last saw in June said that I have 2 3+ bilateral bicepe reflexes with mild Hoffmans and lower extremity exam reveals 3 4+ patellar reflexes. He feels it may be a dysesthatic pain from spinal cord compression...but he doesn't see it on MRI... I had an ACDF at C5/6 3 years ago....but I also had the lower back pain, which I have been trying to find a cure for for 3 years (all due to a fall 4 1/2 years ago) (I copied all that from his report to my PM Dr.) Was referred to new PM Dr. in Jan. He said that I have some problems on MRIs, as did other Drs., but they can't figure out why I have all of these symptoms. The new PM Dr. gave me a facet joint injection on 1/22....he also found a small cyst in my facet joint and did something with it (drained it???) at the time of injection. The facet joint injection at L4/5 & L5/S1 helped a bit, actually had several really nice afternoons...told the nurse when she called that overall I felt about 50% relief, I was happy...but the Dr. wasn't...the nurse said they would probably do another type of injection (SI) to see if that helps more. So, to answer your question about the stenosis, I am not sure....Have thought of this myself, but they haven't mentioned it. Do have minally dehydrated disk spaces at L3/4 & L4/5..maintaind space heights...Small foraminal disk (left side)herniation at L4/5 with possible compression on left L4 nerve root...but, I have had until very recently more pain on the right it is more central on lower back radiating on both sides, with more pain/compression feeling on right than before...but still have pain in right leg/ankle also, after standing or walking, I get the numbing feeling in my toes and front of feet. After the Facet injection things seemed better somewhat, but in the last couple of weeks, it is all coming back...worse, now, because the left side is now acting up...along with the right side.
Don't have another appt. until 3/ the meantime, usually, I take 3 10/325 oxycodone a day..(which I had reduced right after the injection) but in the last week I have been taking up to 4 pills a day...they help, but don't cure it....
Sorry to go on and on....such a whiner....but I guess today I just had to get it out. Thanks for listening...and for your suggestion....I'm not sure about the leaning on the grocery cart...think I may do that well as lift myself by my elbows when I am sitting in a chair...not to stand up, but to take the pressure off my lower back...
Thanks again..hope you have a good day..


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