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Hey Jack... I am a long time back pain sufferer (20 plus yrs) that started with my 1st hernaition at S1-L5 when I was 25. My 2nd occurred around 35 (actually felt the nucleus squirt from the S1-L5 disc again!) and after the pain subsided months later was left with numbness & tingling on the outside of my calf and 2 out toes of my right foot (24/7).

My last herniation (Feb '06) was easily the worst at L5-4 created additional numbness, pressure/pain & tingling in the right leg/foot and now on the front of my thigh, outside calf & across the big toe of my left foot.

I have some nerve damage (sensory) & muscle atrophy (confirmed by EMG) on my right leg & pain in my right ankle & foot that is about a 3 out of 10. I can usually control the pain with a daily rx nsaid & a 1/4 tab of lortab 500 at night to sleep.

The 1st neurosurgeon I have seen said I will need a fusion at S1-L5 & hopefully just a disectomy at L5-L4. He would like me to get more active to see if the back will fail again (ugh!) which I am slowly starting back into this week. I am also in the process of getting a 2nd opinion & trying to figure out what to do.

Hope this helps & keep talkin... take care... Dave!

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