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Bad pain in legs
Mar 7, 2007
Hi you all! Man these past couple of days have been pure torture for me. My leg pain is in overdrive. i mean I cant sit, get up, walk or move without it reminding me it is still there. I mean it is intense burning and almost unbearable, with pain from my left buttock to my ankle and numbness of my toes. I have left several messages with my doctor and no return call. maybe she is tired of me. She did wean me off the neurontin and started me on lyrica last week and i have no results. i have a 2nd opion with a spine surgeon on the 26th and i cant wait to see him. Its sad because I am totally miserable.
Sorry for your pain...

I have had the leg pain too, I have been seeing a Massage Therapist 1-2 times a week and she is able to get in and work on the most painfull areas starting at the back and ending at the most painful spot, followed by some heat and a great pain relieving gel called Bio-Freeze. This combo has been a great help in my leg, it takes the major burning pain away for a few days, its still there, but definately not as bad and makes walking easier

Hope it helps,


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