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Hi All ,

New to the site, just found it a few minutes ago while trying to research info on terms in my MRI report. Had a car accident in Feb and trying to determine if MRI results indicate What ?

I went to the hospital after the wreck ( transported myself) and had an xray of spine. My back was hurting and was prescribed Flexaril. The next day my neck started hurting. Went to a Bone and Joint Doctor that did additional Xrays and was sent for MRI's . Have gotten those back and been referred to a Spine clinic. Results will be below. What I have questions about is whether these would have been caused by accident ?

Cervical Spine

C2-3 normal
C3-4 mild unconvertabral joint degenerative changes without significant stenosis .
C4-5 right central protrusion without stenosis
C5-6 left central/foraminal disc osteophytic protrusion causing mild central canal stenosis and moderate left neural foraminal stenosis
C6-7 right foraminal protrusion causing moderate to severe right neural foraminal stenosis
C7-T1 no significant bulge or protrusion

Lumbar Spine

L1-2 disc is normal
L2-3 mild disc degeneration without stenosis
L3-4 diffuse disc bulge with central annular tear. No significant stenosis
L4-5 diffuse disc bulge with facet arthropathy and ligamentum flavum thickening. Central annular tear as well.
L5-S1 Diffuse disc bulge with a superimposed central protrusion. Mild bi-lateral neural foraminal and subarticular stenosis.

I had never experienced back pain or neck pain before and had no idea what people went through ! Now I do and have a newfound awareness of back problems.
I am a 49 year old female that wants to get some outside opinions or knowledge from others that ma have had a similar experience.

Thanks so much for your help:)

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