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Hey Bren.. haven't seen you on here in awhile. Your PLIF was only a week after mine was done and at the exact same level.

I had return of sciatica 6 months and mine began with more intense PT. They thought my fusion had failed, but infact.. I was solidy fused when they did the CT Scan.

They are not sure what is causing the return of my sciatica.. and it's not always flared either, but I do still have to take one vicodin and skelaxin daily to keep things under a level of control.

I just had an MRI with contrast done last week and I have the films and not the report. Looks like "maybe" my l5/s1 bulge I've had since age 18, "might" be more aggrevated now and pushing into the nerve root but not sure. These films they took were much more clearer than my previous ones done, so I will reserve my thoughts to wait and hear what my new spine surgeon thinks.

I am doing okay and still better than before the surgery, but like you, I have had the sciatica flare to the point that I limp again and I dont like that. I also permanent nerve damage-- from the surgery on my left side when my problems before the surgery were strictly on my right. Both surgeons state that my numbness that has remained on my left side to date.. at this point.. they are saying will more than likely be permanent. This is not a biggie at all.

But the new sciatica and the flared nerve pains that go down both legs, that is a concern for me. Most days I am good and cope well, but have also had some very SCARED thoughts also. So I know what you are feeling.

You could just be having a flare and nothing more. I would try and just respect it (like you did with your post healing pain/flares) and see if it improves. If it doesnt Bren, time to call the doc and get in there to see what if anything else is going on.

Hang in there.. and keep us posted on how you are doing.

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