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Picnica, the leg size thing is an unfair question for me. I had a bone graft done on my left hip in 2000. Two days later I ended up with deep vien thrombosis in my calf and thigh. The left calf is where they harvested the bone to graft my hip. Ever since that surgery, my left leg, mostly calf has been bigger than my right. This time my problem is on the right side. My knee still gives out on me sometimes when I am trying to walk and I have to use upper body strength to stand up from a lower sitting position or when getting out of the car. What I've noticed most aside from the still ongoing yet lessened siatic pain is that my feet aren't usually the same color. The right one usually appears more pale. In looking at both lower legs and feet right now they both seem to be swollen. Could be from the tumble I took this am. I didn't get any of my info from any websites about muscle atrophe after nerve damage, just going off of what MD and nurse told me about nerve compression and leg weakness taking a while to return to normal or almost normal. Cythren seems to have a lot more info. there, thanks for sharing it too Cythren. I hope that once I am able to go to pt that I will especially be able to strengthen the right leg quickly. My disc blew Jan 31st this year and they did the surgery Feb 26th. So I'm hoping that there wasn't much damage done due to the fact that the nerves weren't compressed as long as some other posters on the boards. In that sense, I hope that I will be able to regain full strength and total nerve healing. I pray that you both have a great night's rest tonight, no pain!!! Thanks Y'all, Usta:wave:

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