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A happy post.

So it has now been 4 1/2 weeks since my severe sciatic pain went away, and it hasn't returned (knock on wood). Now, the only pain I have is occasional mild lower back pain when I've been sitting too much, and muscle spasm pain in my hamstring and calf on the left side.

Six weeks ago I couldn't stand up straight or walk far. I was in severe pain for over nine weeks.

Three weeks ago when I saw the osteopath, I had pins and needles in my left foot, some numbness, and the muscles in my left leg were quite weak. I was using a cane for stability when walking outside, and walking with a limp. I couldn't go up stairs without using the railing to help support my left leg, because my left leg was too weak to lift me up by itself.

Since then I've been walking 1-2 miles every day, and doing stretching and exercises at home to strengthen the muscles in my leg. One of my favorites is the "birddog" exercise which strengthens the core muscles and also the glutes. Got some resistance bands to use with my left foot, to strengthen the calf muscle by pushing the ball of my foot against the band, like stepping on a pedal.

This week, I'm able to walk faster and farther, and my limp is almost gone when I'm walking slowly. Walking faster, I still limp, but not as much. I can now use my left foot to push off when taking a step, almost like normal. The cane is long gone and I'm steady on my feet again. I can stand on one leg on the left side and not lose balance or have my leg collapse.

I can ***almost*** walk on my toes on the left leg again. If the muscle strength keeps improving, I am expecting to regain that in another 1-2 weeks:D

The pins and needles are gone, and the numbness is slowly fading. It's very gradual but I see improvements from week to week.

I'm being careful with movement and keeping a neutral spine. From now on, forever, I'll be very careful with that. Forever after this, I won't be lifting anything heavy or doing things that can strain the lower back.

This month has been the wait and see time: if strength and numbness didn't improve or got worse, I'd be considering scheduling a microdiscectomy for April. So far anyway, it looks like I'm healing through conservative means. Yay!

- Cythren

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