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For about 2-3 weeks leading up to last Thursday I was having more & more trouble doing my exercises, causing muscle pain (especially in my thighs & legs). Also over this time, all the bones/muscles in my hips, sacro area, bones in rear end, and tailbone area starting aching. First I thought it was flaring due to the weather, but once the weather turned dry again, it still went on. Then last Thursday, it was really bad..I had a hard time sitting, moving, and bending. With all this, though, I did not seem to have any pain in my lower back...just the buttocks/hips areas. I felt as If I fell onto my rear and hips from high up, or was kicked by a horse. THursday night into Friday, I woke up in the middle of the night in intense pain (was laying on my left side). It killed the back of my thigh when I moved, but I was half asleep. I got out of bed, then stumbled, realizing I had no feeling in my left foot (so I almost fell). I hobbled around, trying to stretch and jiggle my foot around until pins & needles came in my foot and it felt a little better. I kept waking up during the night with sharp pains in the back of my thigh and down the side of my leg.
Then on Friday, the numbness was back and it seemed I had sciatica starting from my rear (near my sacro area), the pain searing in my rear, into the outer back of my thigh, down the outside of my calf, into my outer ankle and into my foot. Over a few days, the foot stayed pretty much numb (with bouts of pins & needles coming & going). I'm also feeling a bit constipated and had some pins & needles in my rear area as well. I first called my rheumy on Monday b/c it hadnt gotten any better & i was having trouble walking (especially since I have something wrong with my right foot so Have to put all my pressure on my left foot, but now I cant do that because my left foot is numb). My spine doc is an hour's drive away and I knew i'd never be able to sit that long as the pain is wayy worse while sitting. My rheumy had me come in as soon as I hung up the phone with his office, he gave my numbing shots & percocet and said it seemed like my sciatic nerve is being pinched/compressed. He said if it didnt resolve in a few days, Id have to have another MRI done. (this, though would be another long story with insurance and I'm just waiting for them to start denying my requests for authorizations because i've had so many other issues). It's now been over a week and I kept thinking it would go away or resolve itself (because many times it does). From my reading, it seems to me like I probably have another disc herniation or something...I'm wondering if I wait too long if this nerve pain and foot & ankle numbness might become permanent?

(I;'ve had quite a few MRI's already and having trouble getting them approved also just took me 2 months to get auth for a right ankle MRI, which Im getting on PT's & other docs feel that my right ankle problem is or will cause me more back problems if not fixed and now I may need to get another MRI of my spine to see whats causing the sciatica & numbness.....I am just hoping I didnt develop more stenosis lower down in such a short time...ughhhh)

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