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Harmony- my doctor wanted to do a laminectomy before the fusion which is what we exactly did. He felt the lessor of the two surgeries was the way to go. In May 2006, he did a laminectomy for severe right leg pain that would not respond to other treatment. Every step I took sent shooting pains down my right leg. When I bent backward, it sent shooting pains down my leg. My pain prior to the laminectomy was 20% back 80% leg.

May, June, July - I had not symptoms - all was grand. August - I has a small flare up of sciatica. In September, I bent to load the dishwasher and BAM I fell to the floor in the most excrutiating pain I ever felt. It took me about 1/2hour to get off the floor. From that point on every time I turned, bent, or twisted the back began screaming something fierce. My pain at this point was probably 70% back 30% leg. I had epidurals and selective nerve block. After the selective nerve block the pain changed to 60% back 40% leg pain. Except now my pain became very crampy in nature and went thru my buttocks down the right thigh, down the back of the calf, down the right side of the foot into the toes. That I would feel like I needed to be scraped off the ceiling. Feb. 1st I had fusion.

Hope this helps you.
Thanks, yes, that helps! Sounds like the main difference then is more leg pain with a Laminectomy and more back pain with needing a fusion. My pain is mostly in my back, hips and buttocks. The pain is severe especially when standing and walking and feels like the nerves are severely pressed. I do have bone touching bone and my facet joints are bad. I do get pain in my legs and feet but not as much nor as severe and it does radiate to my legs.
My appt. to finalize my fusion is tomorrow so I'll find out more. I hope you're doing okay after your fusion. I have read your posts on it and you have been helpful in that too. Take care!


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