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[QUOTE=yvette777;2***457]I got a probably stupid since my bad area was L5-S1 was my fusion then L4-L5S1??????? Or am I having a DDD moment?[/QUOTE]

Hi Yvette, I don't think that is a stupid question at all. I had the same problem and thought they only fused L5. The surgeon never said otherwise. I got a copy of the xray report and it said L4, L5, S1 fusion. It also said L5 and possibly L4 Laminectomy. At my last visit the surgeon said I had a double fusion and it takes longer to heal. I guess the Laminectomy was good because they didn't have to do a bone graft from my hip like they said. The surgeon said the nerve was in a knot so they took that bone off to get to it and just reused it. I know the fusion on the xray shows as a white spot. All my xrays look the same so I figured no fusion. The surgeon showed me at my last visit that fusion has started in between the screws. I guess in the end when it is all done fusing it will just be a white solid shape.

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