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hi im new to this but i been trying to find out alot of answers about my back pain and how i can find a job that will not hurt it more then it already is i live in southern calif and i lost my job after my back went out i have lower back problems and it went out around october and hasent got better since. i have no insurence and no money didnt happen at work so i coudnt claim from my job and didnt qualify for unempolyment. no income at all and my back is still not better been to a chropractor and he says stretching the back and building my back up agian will improve it and i did everything he asked of me and its not getting better i cant stand up straight i lean to my left i look like a crooked old lady and im 25. no one will hire me in this state and i cant affored any other kinds of treatment i have no idea what to do anymore and i am going into drpression real bad from it can anyone help me?

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