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I had something a little similar. Mine started gradually & progressed over about 2-3 weeks until I got full blown sciatica in my left leg. At first, I started having problems doing some exercises, mainly leg lifts and things like that. My upper thighs & back of thighs felt like lead. Every day it was getting harder & harder and I felt my muscles extremely tight and I just couldnt stretch them out. Then my sacral bones started aching, getting worse & worse each day and it was radiating out into my buttocks area. It felt like I was very bruised all in those areas or like I had been kicked by a horse or fell on my rear from high up. It slowly worsened over 2-3 weeks. Then one night I was jolted awake from sleep (was sleeping on my left side) with sharp shocking pain in my back thigh. I stumbled out of bed and almost fell b/c I couldnt feel where my foot was. Turned out my foot was almost completely numb! And standing with my leg straight was hideously painful! Like someone was putting a stun gun to me or something. That was exactly 3 weeks ago and I still have that pain. I have rotating left foot numbness, sometimes pins & needles and it's even numb in my outer ankle area. I cant straighten my leg and I cant even sleep anymore. I went to my rheumy twice the last 2 weeks and all he did was inject some kind of numbing stuff in my muscles, which did absolutely nothing for the nerve pain. He also gave me Percocet, which slightly dulled it but it still kept me awake at night. Now he gave me Vicodin which is not helping either. I didnt do anything to injure myself at all. I've had disc herniations before and it was sudden and I could pinpoint in my spine where it was coming from. I can't understand why all my sacral, tailbone, and other rear end bones felt so sore and stiff, though. I cant get any answers. However, I also have severe overpronation and my podiatrist and PT both said that can DEFINITELY cause back pain & problems. (im finally getting fitted for a foot brace to see if that helps me any)...I still dont know why I had such soreness. I wish I give you some idea about it, but I think I kind of know how you're feeling.....

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