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Hey there.
The nerve burning took about 75% of the pain away in that area. He only did the right side, and I am having the left side done later this month. So, I might be feeling some referral pain fron the left side. He did 4 levels, T9-L1. What area did you say your having done? Levels?

I have multiple parts of my back that are injured. The T9-L1 I have a bunch of herniations. I've got a big ol herniation at L3-L4 and some spinal stenosis in the sacral area. Also, some neck herniations, and my worst problem is the upper Thoracic area. So, he is working on each one at a time. He said that he changes things very slowly so he won't shock my system. I appreciate that. So, yes, I still have to take meds. My doctor has be on a speical mix and since I started the cocktail, I have been moving a lot more in PT/daily life.

I feel most back injury people usually have a couple injured areas. Nobody should be measuring how well someone is recovering by if they do/don't need meds anymore. Because everybody's story is a lot more complicated than a A+B=C formula. Back pain just does not work that way. Its unpredictable, and If I may say so's quite the "guest that overstays their welcome" if you get my drift.

Oh, your questions are far from Silly/Stupid. I feel like the only stupid things said on this forum are those people who Judge others, B/C like I said, everybody's recovery has its own path. Nobody on here should judge/assume things about others' plans.

I'm not sure how much decresing in swelling you are going to get...the steriods usually are at their peak 72 hrs after the injection. Hopefully the nerve burning will finish off all that radiating pain that you still have.

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