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a while ago i was hit in the back quite hard, and since then my neck has clicked and sometimes when i move it it makes a creaking sort of sound.
i've been to the doctor a couple of times and she says that this is normal for people of my age, but it just seems really weird!!:blob_fire
I was wondering what the clicking is too.. I have a clicking in my neck when I put my head down and move it from side to side. You can even feel it..My doctors disregard it too. Anyone have any ideas? It kinda feels like something is getting caught on something else..
I've had this for years and years. I've had it so long that I don't even think to mention it to my doctors. It's just part of me. I think part of it is cartilage and part is bones not wanting to stay quite where they should be. If I move my head to the left and down, I sometimes get a crack/click, which makes my neck feel much better. If my neck goes "out", I can no longer get it to click and I end up with a steady headache that no meds can touch. Not a migraine, but more of a structural thing. I used to go to a chiro to get my neck popped back in place, but only one was able to do it without that horrible wrenching twist of the neck. That movement they do makes me so uneasy. Now I use a massage wand with a big three inch round top part and run it down the side of my neck while I'm lying on my side. That mimics the way that one chiro treated it, and although it sometimes takes more than one try, I can get it back in place myself. Once I hear that click, I know I'm on the road to getting rid of the headache.

What weird things our bodies do.

Emily :wave:

Your neck was damaged from the trauma you received. Your symptoms are not "normal" and I would sincerely think about firing your current doctor. The cervical region of the spine is a rather sensitive area and if damaged can create whole mess of manifestations. The headaches if indeed only having them on a regular basis shortly after, or after the trauma is the result of physical trauma to either the muscle groups, tendons or spine, and maybe a combination. Its impossible to know for sure without a detailed MRI of the cervical region, most likely the very top of the cervical spine, more specifically the axis, and atlas. You mentioned a clicking sensation and noise when the skull is manipulated from side to side. This is most likely the misalignment of one or more cervical bones, and or bone fragment (chip) as a result of the trauma you received. Again their is now way of knowing this for certain without an X-ray at the very least, strongly suggest a cervical MRI. This type of injury is not in of itself life threatening but it can certainly be difficult to live with. Cervical vertigo, dizziness, vision problems such as flashes of light or flickering can occur, severe and long lasting headaches, Insomnia, anxiety, and the list goes on... Please get the medical care you need for this. And please do fire your current Dr, it matters not how nice he/she may be, her blatant disregard for what could be a serious medical issue is border line malpractice and could get her into much trouble. Not to mention causing you many medical problems at the same time. Good luck

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