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Hi Porter,
I've been wondering how you are, and I'm sorry that it's not so good. The depression does set in for quite a few of us with chronic back problems. It's wearing to continue to deal with this, especially after you thought you were going to be so much better. Watching your wife go off to your old place of employment everyday has to be hard. Don't beat yourself up over how you're feeling about that. Since you recognize it, you can try to deal with it. It sounds like you're having good common sense about it all and making reasonable decisions, but there comes a point when it's appropriate to ask for some help.

A lot of people on here take antidepressants like Cymbalta. They not only help with the depression, but they apparently can also help with some of the pain. There's no shame in taking something to help you over the hump. Do you have any buddies or friends of both you and your wife that you can spend some time with? I think it really makes depression much worse to be just stuck all alone all day everyday. We're here, too, and it does help to "talk" on here even though you've never really met any of us. (I remember you said once that we're the best friends you've never met.)

You've been through so much this year. I hope some of that other stuff is working out.

Take care, Porter. Please check in and let us know how you're doing.

Wishing you the best,
Emily :wave:
Porter buddy, sorry you're going through this. I to had became depressed, really depressed a few months back. I lost my hope and I think that's what's the worst. Loosing our jobs, our lives basically, and we have to regroup change things. Not what we want. I went to my family doctor and asked for the cymbalta...he said it worked two ways, one was ofcourse depression the other was for nerve pain. He explained it to me like this,

When you take a pain pill like vicodin it goes to some place in your brain and trys to block the pain signal.
The cymbalta works at the spine, to block nerve pains from even going to your brain.

I don't know when he said it, it made sense. But anyway, it has helped me alot with the depression ALOT to where I felt tons tons tons better.

Also, my surgeon told me that nerve's can take up to a year to rejuvinate...and I know you are in pain, but don't loose your hope ok, you just went through a major surgery it takes time to heal buddy.

Are they giving you neurotin or lyrica for the nerve pain? If not I would ask for it.

I also take the xanax it helps me personally with all of the anxiety going along with it, like not having an income etc. It definitley helps take the edge off.

I lost my career to, and I know how you feel buddy. I think we have to refocus on what we do have, what we can do, maybe there are things that will turn out for the best, that would have never happened if we didn't go through this...for the best you know. I guess what I am trying to say, is that God has a plan for us, even if we don't know what it is.

Don't loose your hope buddy!!! I know it sucks to go to the doctor and confess that we feel this badly, but my surgeon told me that this happens to anyone living in chronic pain. He also told me that after a long time of pain your brain actually starts emitting a chemical that makes you depressed, and he usually recommends it for anyone living in chronic pain.

I hope you come here and keep posting, come on buddy, we are all in this together and we all understand.

Sending you prayers that you feel better..vette

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