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It is not uncommon to have little or no back pain and still have slipped or herniated discs. It just depends on where and how much the disc is pushing on the nerves as to how much your hip and legs will bother you. It is not even uncommon to have slipped or herniated discs and they never bohter the people that have them, they never even know it. I've had it both ways, back in 2000 I had ostio necrosis which in english means that the ball joint in my hip was dying. It took the md's eleven months to diagnose it because they kept telling me that it was my back, not my hip, when they did all of the tests that they do for the back and they came back normal, then they started to tell me it was in my head and that I just wanted the drugs. That statement couldn't be farther from the truth, I hate the pain pills because about 99.9 percent of them make me sick. Finally I found a great ortho. He correctly diagnosed it after a bone scan. So I had a bone graft done in my left hip. This time on Jan. 31st, my back started to ache. In the days to follow, the muscles in my thigh and calf started to twitch frequently. Back seemed to ease over the next few days then the leg started to really hurt. Inside and outside hip, across top of thigh thru knee and the front of lower leg. At this point, the only pain I had in my back was lower right just above the butt. It had gotten so bad that by feb 7th I was in the er getting a pain shot. By Feb. 26th I was in the hospital having a discectomy. For a lot of people the pain is in the legs and not always in the back. The treatment will depend how badly the md thinks the nerves are being compressed and what symtoms you are having. Typically they will start out with some pain meds and physical therapy. Surgery is almost always a last resort. They start out as conservetive as possible with treatments that your own body allows them to. Keep us posted as to what happens.

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