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I would bet that walking on the beach is a major reason you are in so much pain. Walking on the sand is extremely taxing on the muscles and not one that I would recommend a post fusion patient attempt until much longer in healing.

I will be one year PLIF at L4/L5 April 18. I do have some new sciatica that began 6 mos post, and we are still trying to determine it's cause. But it's mild. My nerve pain in my legs is directly related to my surgery, as I did not have this kind of leg pain before the surgery.

My nerve pain was real bad at first, but then got better. I do not do well on nerve meds (allergic to 2 of them so far), so I have toughed these out on my own. Most of the time.. it's just annoying anymore, and some days it has my full attention.

I was told that numbness I have on my left leg and foot is permanent at this point. It MAY get a tad better, but the odds of it getting much better are pretty slim. This is not a big deal so long as my leg doesnt get any weaker, as it is ever so slightly weaker than my right.

Can't say if my nerve pain will leave or not, and we are looking into what might be causing it. I just had a new MRI done weeks back and have a doctor appointment to discuss some possibilities.

But yes to your question, the nerves are funny things and can regenerate. Sometimes they do and some not.

I think I would refrain from further walks on the beach for awhile and let this flare up settle down. Hang in there.. it's frustrating when we get these bumps in the road during our healing. But think positively that it's a bump in the road and you will get past this and go forward. All the best. :wave:

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