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I am real pleased with my Dr and that I am fusing. Even though it is a different type of fusing. I took the new meds yesterday and have to say I slept all night. I hurt real bad when I woke up but took the meds and it is manageable.

I really appreciated my Dr taking the time almost an hour to sit and talk with me. He checked the incision and said it looked great I just had some inflammation probably from the muscles. He was a little upset that I refused the valium. He said that some people have an additive personality and he can identify that early on and that I am not one of them. He kept telling me not to be to hard on my self about taking the drugs. I think the celebrex is helping I am to take it 2x a day but can take it 3x if needed. He gave me a big box of samples to see if it works. The most important thing he said is my back has other problems like the arthritis in the joints and degenitive arthristis I think that is in the joints. He told me that the surgery fixed the worst and unpinched the nerves. The big question was when the buttock and leg pain hurts did the pain meds help or not. The meds did help and he said if they did not it would be nerve pain.

I am so lucky to have found this Dr after so many years of suffering with back pain. My main problem which he fixed was the bilateral pars defect which caused one verterbra to be completely loose he said you could reach in and pull it out because it was not connected at all. That seemed to be moving alot and causing the spondy and said I was real lucky that it did not slip and cause me to be paralized. So putting off surgery may not be good idea and remember I put mine off for 5 months because I thought my work was more important. Type A personality.

I feel that someone greater than any of us led him to me. Hopefully I have a few years of work ahead of me.

We missed the snow storm YEA YEA first time all winter they predicted a bad storm and we missed it.

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