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I was reading, and found this and wondered, if anyone had heard of it. I am wondering if this could be what is going on after many surgery's. Ofcourse, the big fancy word for it is, epidural fibrosis But I think it is scar tissue. Well I am not a doctor.

It said that, Typically, symptoms associated with epidural fibrosis appear at 6 to 12 weeks after back surgery. This is often preceded by an initial period of pain relief, after which the patient slowly develops recurrent leg pain. Sometimes, the improvement occurs immediately after back surgery, but occasionally the nerve damage from the original pathology makes the nerve heal more slowly.

Anyone heard of it?
Sorry, you know me, bored and reading.
Yvette - my doctor told me to expect some leg pain after surgery and he thought that my healing would be alot slower due to the fact that my sciatica had been inflamed for 3 1/2 years prior to surgery.........I just did not expect it this long and this intense. I don't think he did either which is why all the tests are being run at this point.

I am going to go research it. Thanks for posting.
I just thought it was kinda weird how people say around six weeks they have set backs, and then I read that. I don't know if its related, just found it interesting. And makes ya wonder.
How are you doing sweetie?? Are things better at home or the same old same old?
[B] Scar tissue suck's for real. It takes a few weeks after surgery like Yvette said , its true. But were all in it together :wave: Yippii yahoo !

A little humor today huh ? :dizzy: [/B]
Diet, I am doing fine, thanks for asking, ofcourse I have the home problem which isn't the best. But as far as physically, I think I am doing good. My pain is still from the bone graph, and nothing much else has changed. It has been freezing here and raining and haven't been getting in my walks, so I feel guilty. I also feel guilty sitting here with you, shawley and clover, mama and others all having such bad pain. I wish I could do something, but I am praying for all of you. vette
yvette 777 i to like you am having the leg pain and i think its due to part of the surgery.Mine the first week after surgery was like my legs were on fire.Now they just hurt it comes and goes,Im not sure if this is the case with you but i sure hope you are feeling somwhat better andare haiving some good days.

Please don't feel guilty about sitting have been such a big help to me and i apperiate it so much.So enjoy the sitting and dont fret none ok,and im sure when the weather gets a bit nicer you will be up and walking again.Hang in there and thanks for the prayer's as you are in mine.
thanks big mama!!!
Hey Vette,

I posted to the smoking board, I don't think you saw it, it was a few days ago. I am really disapointed too about the leg pain. I thought after the surgery everything would be swell. For two days the only pain I really noticed was the surgical pain then the leg pain flaired and initially was really bad. Burning extreme hyper seneitive from the knee to the ankle, lower back, inside and outside of hip and top of thigh all felt as though someone whacked the mess out of me with a baseball bat. The leg pain now is all around the knee, burning on inside of shin and still numb on outside of shin, go figure. The surgeon apparently told the family that I would have a lot of trouble with my right leg after he did the surgery, everyone forgot to tell me, I had to find out for myself. I hope things are better for you at home right now. I have been so busy with physical therapy, other md appts. since I'm off, trying to knock them out. Diet md appt's, physiatrist appt's and trying to stop smoking. I've found that if I stay away from the computer a little more, I don't have as much urge to smoke as this was one of my favorite places to light up. Please go check the msg. I left you on the other board and let me know what you found out. Hello all, sorry I haven't been here much lately. Don't ever think that I will ever forget all the help and support you all gave me. I will be checking in from time to time to see how everyone is. TTUALTR, Lynn:wave:
Usta, I thought you'd abandoned us...glad to hear from you.

My leg pain is pretty much diminished knock on wood about 95 percent gone. I actually posted this for everyone else, cause I read it and it caught my interest!!!!
I go to Dr tomorrow but think he will say the same about the buttock and leg pain as this is the deep charley horse pain in the buttock and then the pain dull constant ache in leg. I had this really really bad right after surgery.

I am still very sore in the lower S1 level where he said he did the most work so we will see.

Yvette don't feel guilty just keep healing and take it easy. Talk to you soon.

Usta do you know what week i am post op? I forgot you know the over 40 brain I have
Clover, we are 6 weeks and two days post op. I hope you read that I've been rather busy with md appts and pt. Trying to stay off of the computer as it was one of my favorite places to smoke. When ever I sit down here, I automatically reach for them. Funny how the brain gets so used to a pattern and how long the pattern remains. Vette, I am glad to here that your leg pain is that much better. That is great news. I am sorry for poor Pepper, she has really had it rough lately, Shawley too. I have missed being on here with you guys. I will try to do better at checking in. Clover, when you are home, do you find that it is still hard to get comfy at night, so you stay up late and then you want to sleep all day? Sometimes if the pt or md appt is early or late enough in the day I find myself going back to bed to sleep. Maybe it is just withdraw...I see diet md tomorrow morning, since I also quit the smokes, I doubt that the scales moved down much. Yesterday and today have been the worst. I have been craving sweets so bad it's not funny. Well ladies, have a few more posts to check and then off to lala land, I have an early appt tomorrow. Don't think that I would ever abandon you guys, you're the best. Everyone on this board is great. Love ya all!! Lynn:wave:

P.S. Yes Clover, I do know about the over 40 mind, I haven't been amused by it yet but I sure do enjoy teasing dh about being 50 in less that 5 years. LOL
Thanks usta
I had some real good weeks sleeping all night etc... My family even remarked that I was almost like my old self. The Dr had prescribed vailum as my muscle pain was so so bad. Well It worked and worked well. I ran out and did not call him for a refill as I knew I would be seeing him in the week. I went back to the flexerial and it did not help.

I just woke now about 3:30 local time in extreme pain. Took the meds and am waiting. This pain is the worst in a long time probably about a 7.

I see the Dr later this morning. I also will have xrays. Yes I still have alot of discomfort. I will discuss with him about maybe the meds not working and I know that he can give me something stronger than flexieral but less then valium. The valium worked as I would take half every 6 hours and a full one at bed time.

Thanks for asking. Glad you quit smoking good luck. I knew you could do it.
Hello and goodmorning ,
Thanks Usta for thinking of me , you just worry about getting yourself better and throwing them smokes away. I remember everytime I drank a beer or two and a buddy lit one up I'd ask for one and smoke it , funny it tasted pretty good until the next The good ole beer drinkin day's..:dizzy:

My leg pain has been really good the last couple day's. My back has taken over with pain now more than ever and I don't know why . If I walk or stand so long my leg and feet start hurting but I just sit around and twittle
my thumbs all day . Yesterday I actually got out for a little walk and was sore afterwords but felt physically better.

I'm so glad we formed such a tight fit group here. I feel I can ask anything and not be ashamed..I hope the newbies on here feel that they also can ask or say anything , were all one big happy group , wish we could share photo's on here , I have a very sexy spine .:dizzy: lol j/k[/SIZE]
Shawley I wish we could to, you should see mine. My daughter held my xray up to the light and we took a picture so I could post it online. Well I didn't know till after I emailed the picture that the trees in the back yard shown through it is something to see. Lol. I have screws and trees in my spine. IT IS HOT!!
OMG that would be funny. I have no tree's in mine but probably everything else , I'm surprizes I didn't see a kithen sink in there :dizzy: [/SIZE]
Hey get this, if my back is ok my wife and I and a few friends are going to Buffalo NY to watch the BILL'S put a beating On the Cowgirls on a Monday night on October ,8th it's our aniversary. I never been to a Monday night game it should be awsome , I just hope my pain holds up for me.

I'm excited for that day :wave: [/SIZE]
That will be fun!!! Hey we all need to have some outings some time. Last summer I went to a concert with my son who is 17. I forgot my painpills in the car, so I had to subsitute for beer, I didn't know if I was gonna make it, but I did. And he drove home, which was eventful lol.

Fun anniversary for you, is your wife into that?

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