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About a month ago I turned my head all the way to the left and ended up doing something to mess up my left upper back/shoulder area. Apparently, there's a muscle that is injured and has tightened and won't relax. My Dr. said it was muscle spasms or something due possibly to poor posture, sleep position, and stress. She told me to go for physical therapy. Well, I've been going now for about 2-3 weeks...doing stretches, heat, massage, and ultrasound. It doesn't seem to be getting better. I'm kinda worried that it's not after all that and after so long. It doesn't hurt all the time...just when I turn my head to the side or look down and to the right. Anyway, my PT told me that my shoulder muscles need to be strengthened and built up because they are so weak that my shoulder blade lacks stability...something along those lines. Does anyone have suggestions or insight here? What else can I try? Is physical therapy not the answer here? What should I do to strengthen these muscles? Anything I can eat or take as a supplement to help? Sorry so many questions...I'm just a bit concerned and frustrated that this isn't improving. Thanks for your help!

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