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Got my results back from my MRI today:
L1-L2--min. left posterolateral annular bulge
L2-L3--Minimal posterior/left posterolateral annular disc bulge
L3-L4--Mild posterior/posterolateral annular/disc bulge without focal disc herniation or canal stenosis
L4-L5--Moderate diffuse posterior and more focal left paramedian disc protrusion flattens adjacent thecal sac but doesn't result in canal stenosis. There is some narrowing of the superior left L5 lateral recess.
L5-S1--Mild,Moderate diffuse posterior and more focal central and right posterolateral disc bulge/protrusion effaces adjacent epidural fat but does not result in canal stenosis. The right L5 and S1 nerve root sleeves may be conjoined(in origin from thecal sac).

Mild- moderate lumbar facet hypertrophy/arthropathy.

Lateral spondylotic changes result in minimal bilateral L2-L3, min bilateral L3- L4, mild bilateral L4-L5, mild-mod right L5-S1 and mild left L5-S1 neueral foraminal stenosis.

Mild discogenic degenerative changes are seen within lumbar vertebral column.

Moderate lumbar spondylosis, most maqrked to the left of the midline @ the L4-L5 level, w/o central canal stenosis

Moderate lumbar facet hypertrophy contributes to neural foraminal stenosis outlined above

Discogenic degenerative changes are seen within lumbar vertebral column.

I can't get a doctor to tell me the same thing twice. Family physician wants an epidural 'block' shot, the neurosurgeon wants to go right in an perform surgery. But first he told me that he couldn't do 'anything' because he didn't have the actual MRI films, but with his next breath he's telling me that he must operate.hmmmmmm?

Anyone else have something like this: Pain,left hip radiating down to left groin area(in front)
Inabillity to sit down for very long
Back spasms

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