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Hi Bass11,

First, welcome to the board. You will find a lot of support here. I don't know of any MD's in your areas you've asked about. Are you saying the disc fragmented or the bone on the spine at that disc location? Anyhow, framentation sounds like surgery to me. I am 7 weeks post discectomy tomorrow. I have read several different posts on here about having had a micro discectomy, a few have been sucessful, more have had later surgeries to fix it again. It all depends on the person's specific problem and how good the surgeon is. I had the endoscopic discectomy at L3 L4. Just to give you an idea how quickly the nerves can become angry post surgery, I asked the surgeon how soon I could return to work post diecectomy. He said about 3 weeks. My back and leg pain started Jan 31st of this year, by Feb. 26th I was having surgery. The surgeon came out and told my family that the surgery went well, I only have about a one inch long scar. But, he said the problem that she will have is going to be her right leg and he put me out of work until the end of this month. The frist two days post surgery the only pain I really noticed was the surgical site which compared to pre-surgery was great. Then the nerves that had only been compressed for about one month began to wake up and move back to their original position. There was severe pain, burning and numbness from the lower right side of the back, around the hip inside and out, down across the top of the thigh, the knee and lower leg to about the ankle. It has taken gabapentin, cymbalta, muscle relaxers and physical therapy to help regain some of the strength I lost in the right leg and to get the worst of the pain down to between the knee area to the ankle since then. Please do not think I am trying to scare you. Everyone is different and you will get many different stories. But I am a firm believer in knowing what the best and worst case senario can be. I don't like suprises when it comes to something like this. Everyone on this board understants nerve pain, there is nothing quite like it. The ones I feel the most for are the ones that have been dealing with this for years. I was lucky, it has only been a few months for me. I hope and pray that you are lucky also as none of it is fun. Please check in with us and let us know how you are doing and what decisions you have made. Good luck bass11. God Bless and I will keep you in my prayers. Usta :wave:

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