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I have responded to your post before and told you that yes, this is exactly what happened to me after my L4-S1 fusion. Mine started around 3 weeks post op and effected both my feet but my left was worse. I had the area of my instep to my big toe effected and my second and third toe and accross my first 3 toes. It started with hot burning pain. Then it got even worse. felt like someone threw hot bacon grease on my feet. my foot areas were very heat sensitive. Then I could stand for anything to touch those areas. I mean anything. It was a sunburned feeling that made me cry if I even touched it.

I told my surgeon about it and he said it was some medical term and that it should be gone by 6 months post op. He gave me neurotin, and lidocain patches to put on the areas of my foot until the neurotin kicked in. I am here to tell you that I could not even wear a sock or shoe. Even the air from out ceiling fan blowing on my feet hurt and made me break out into a sweat. It was the most excruciating pain I have ever felt in my life. My feet were also red and I thought that I had RSD. I didnt have that and the neurotin totally made it go away. I quit the neurotin at 6 months post op, and the sunburned areas were gone. My feet are still heat sensitive and my left foot is unable to sweat and really dry but that damn sunburn and burning bacon grease feeling is gone.

Your doc is an *** and you need to get on neurotin or some form of nerve med for the pain. I dont even know how you can walk if you had what I had. My pant leg rubbing on my foot would drop me in a second. Absolutely horrible pain. Get to a pain mngmt or gp or someone and get on some meds for this. You dont have to live like this. You can go back and read my post and see that I thought that I had RSD because of the sensitivity and discoloration of my toes/feet. My left calf was effected too.
Let me know how you are doing.

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