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Hey Everyone,
I ewnt to my scheduled appointment with my surgeon (L/4-L5/S1 fusion Jan 10th 07) I again told hom about my ongoing pain in my left shin to my foot) I explained to him it felt like a sunburn at times and always feels like its burning (this is the third time I have told him) this time he tells me that he has never heard of this type of pain in all the years he has practiced. I got a little miffed about his attitude and told him that he knew about his since I woke from surgery and told me it was nerve pain and should get better, he said "why are you so defensive?" I told him I was not being defensive I was upset that he was not listening to me when I have told him over and over again about this pain. I told him that the last ime I saw him he did not want to look at the picture I took of my leg that showed the reddness and swelling that I sometimes got, he said "What picture?" I could not believe it because we had a big discussion about it. Anyway, he prescribed 3 months of PT and walked out of the room. I cant believe this guy, he keeps on about how fantastic the surgery was (even though he accidently cut 2 arteries during surgery) he does not want to hear that I still have some pain from surgery. Am I alone or are there others out there that have this type of burning pain on their shin and foot ?(the arch to the big toe) if so please let me know.


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