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Hi Everyone! Well... today marks one year since my and Schragie's fusion surgeries! Happy Day to us both! :blob_fire :blob_fire Honestly, it doesnt feel like a year ago.. maybe cuz I'm still not where I would like to be yet. Dunno. So instead of a pity party favor.. pull out the happy pappy party favor instead!!! hahaha!

Also, I had my follow-up visit with the new surgeon from John Hopkins. Nice guy! He read the results of my MRI and compared them to my previous ones and also my CT Scan that was done a few months ago.

On my first visit with this guy, he scared me a bit and mentioned the word Arachnoid! Ugh.. Even the thought of having this wasn't giving me any warm fuzzies let me tell ya! More like blood stoppin tingling chills!!

Well, he said that the CT Scan showed the fusion and bones really well, while the MRI showed the softer tissue, discs, nerve areas, etc. As far as he can tell, fusion truly looks solid, hardware continues to be in good placement, and the bulging disc I've had at l5/s1 that's been there forever really hasn't changed. He also stated that on MRI, he sees no disc or bone fragments floating or sitting near a nerve and sees no evident scarring of the nerves. He said that I may still have some scarring, but if I do, it's minimal. So NO ARACHNOIDITIS! YIPEE! :)

As to what continues to cause me some low grade sciatica, my flare ups, and continued leg pain intermittently, he has no idea anymore than the other surgeon did. SO, off to PAIN MANAGEMENT FOR NOW I GO! Im okay with this. I am on the low spectrum of pain that many of you suffer with daily, but it can get quite intense on some days. But if this is the worst it gets.. I can deal, so long as I have Vicodin and Skelaxin on board as needed. I mean, I average still one tablet of each of them per day. I can't quite get to a level that tylenol will even come close to knockin the pain down enough for me.

So maybe I'll be on some form of pain meds going forward. I equate this to someone taking cholesterol meds, cardiac meds, etc. I will take what I need to keep me going.

All in all, he said no surgery for me at this time, and will see if the PM can make me more comfy, and said if all else fails and my back stays as is, meaning no further trauma.. then we may be looking at trying a stimulator at some point. He said as last resort though. Which I agree with.

I am finding that with all this moving from house to house AGAIN I have been taxing myself and while I am sore as all get out, I actually feel better and have less nerve pain in my legs as a result. When Im sitting about alot and not up and active as I can be, I hurt more. Walking alot seems to be aggrevate me more than say, getting on my knees and wiping down the floor or nailing down trim! Go figure! Now my knees think differently! My knees have bothered me since the surgery, so I am thinking its probably nerve related somehow. So will see if what the PM doc does helps or not. If not, then might ask for some cortisone injections in the Knees at some point.

Well, thanks for listening and here is wishing EVERYONE good health and wellness. Thinking of you all.. Tammy:wave:

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