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Re: Second Fusion
Apr 27, 2007
I am new here and need help I seem to have the same problem as many people. Been disabled with my back since 1989. Have stenosis, L5 shattered disc per disogram,two weeks ago, never damage down left leg and a lil down right, have degenerative disc disease, osteoporosis, arthrtis, stenosis, etc.. you name it oh yeah L3 and L4 and S1 are all severely bulging. I am referred to a neurosurgeon for may 10th to sched surgery for a 3 disc fusion and L5 disc replacement. I have no info on the surgery yet. I am scared to death. I had to lose my pain mgmt dr that did my kadian morphine and methadone pain pills because of being on ss disability for so many years and unable to get right hmo plan for right drs with medicare hmo's anymore. I had a medtroncis neurostimulator implanted into my back and hip in 2004. I guess I'm told they will have to dig the wires and stimulator out of my tissue and discs where it's grown into my back and not sure if they will replace it yet. I always think it doesn't work but if I use the remote and turn it down or off the pain in worse. It's already unbearable. I had lortab after the discogram because this pain mgmt dr only does all the injections /discogram and can't prescribe anything as strong as I am used to being on. Now I'm in the middle of referrals.. I called this am, my dr is in surgery but they are trying to move my appt. up. I am 100% disabled with bipolar disorder and got so tired of taking pills. I thought it would be faster and easier to get surgery done but the wait is killing me. Does anyone have any success stories with these types of surgeries.? I know of 5 people personally that had bad results.. one still has staff infection a few mos post op. I need to hear what to expect for recovery..etc. I hate the waiting and not knowing and the depression from the pain. I can't stand the pain anymore.. someone help and tell me it's going to be okay.. or at least the pain better.. if it's true.. smiles.. I'm desperate for answers and relief. THanks for letting me post here. desperately dying in pain ...Terri in okc

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