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I'm sorry you're having all that pain, I also agree that should probably a lumbo-sacral MRI, to see if anything in there is damaged or compressed, etc.

I have never been told or suspected to have MS (though one of my grandmothers had it) but I do have spondylosis & ddd and had surgery for lumbar stenosis last Sept. The stenosis caused lots of pins & needles feelings in my feet as well as lots of pain in the backs of my legs, spasms etc..

Due to the stenosis, I ended up having to walk bent over forward. After walking like that for so long, I started getting severe spams in my entire back, in my neck, shoulders, my face, and even my hands. At least I think it was all due to the poor posture. It's odd that it would affect my hands, though b/c they were still hanging at my side. But sometimes I would get such bad pain in one spot of my neck and a couple times I even got pins & needles and weird zapping sensations in my arms & hands. After my surgery, it was such a relief. I could walk upright again and had no more pain/spasms/nerve symptoms. Except right now I have left sided sciatica and found that when I bend my head forward, it really kills the sciatica, but I'm also getting weird buzzing sensations in my RIGHT foot....only when I bend my head forward. Its like I have a TENS unit stuck on there. I also had this tens unit feelling on the right side of my upper back once a few days ago.

So to me, it seems like something spine related (other than MS) could affect alot of different areas for various reasons. Your best bet is still to have an MRI at least to rule anything else out. I wish you lots of luck!

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