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Howdy friends --This thread is about back pain and nerve damage.

My pain start's in my back , it's like a tired bruised feeling then work's it's way across my hips and down my leg's , my leg's start off by going really numb then the burning itching feeling turns into a throbbing , crushing feeling like if your feet was so cold they hurt. Sound familiar ? I here people talk about the burning, but never heard about the crushing feeling I get..It get's so bad when I walk I want to scream ! My Dr. tell's me it's permanent nerve damage , but why does it hurt more when I'm on my feet ? You would think it would hurt non-stop not get worse . My left foot is always numb and burning ,but not where I can't stand it , only when I walk or stand to long.

Both leg's from the outside thigh's to the outside of my feet are numb but the left is far worse. It sound's like there is somthing being pinched to me ? I'm no Dr. but I'm not stupid either . But you can only do what the Dr.'s tell you to do. In 2 week's 2 days i get to try the trial stimulator for pain. If I get 50% relief I'll be very happy. I know some folks have tried it and have mixed emotions on it but it's all I have left to try.

Explain how your pain is ..Funny how were all simular with our pain.
I wish EVERYONE a painfree day.

Shawley :wave: [/B][/COLOR]
UGH!!! I hear you loud and clear!!! I remember explaining to my Dr that I felt like I was a rubber band.... The PULLING, BURNING, in my back - which then went down my right leg, along with the wonderful NUMBNESS.....

After my surgery the :blob_fire FIRE was gone.... unfortunately, the nerve was so badly damaged that I have lost feeling in the left side of my calf...
I will pray for you!
Shawley, Man, I hope that Stimulator does the job for you. I think it will. It helped my legs for the few days that I had it. Sounds like your legs are really in pain. My back hurts worse than my legs do. My back hurts real bad and it goes into my bladder, buttock (real tight there) down the back of my legs into the calves and then my ankles and feet. First pain, then it turns to numbness. Off and on burning in different spots in my legs. Remember to ask about the 3rd wire on the stimulator. Per the Neurosurgeon at LLU it is for back pain. The one I had in 2004 was a two wire and for leg pain only. I really hope in two weeks and 2 days you are pain free. Good Luck
It all sounds way too familiar. For me I have pain across my back. I have knots of muscle pain around the incision and burning tailbone pain. Then a lovely added feature is the burning pain down my right leg. I have the sensation like someone is pushing down on my leg. It tingles. The foot goes numb. I didn't have the leg thing before surgery and just got it about a month ago. Makes me nervous that something is up. My MRI is scheduled for Friday night with contrast. My other dr. thinks maybe scar tissue. He said I still have strength in my foot and leg. Too bad it hurts.

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