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:wave: Hi All,
Well I saw my Doc Tuesday about my numbness, and nerve pain in my legs. As I reported earlier, this has been going on since I got out of surgery. Doc thought maybe a screw was to tie in my back, well that wasn't the case.
The MRI showed minimal scare tissue, and hardware was where it was supposed to be.
The problem is fluid on my spinal colum. Running the lenth of my incision. He doesn't want to drain it, for risk of infection in my spine. He feels it should go away on it known, but if it doesn't. Then we'll do another MRI in 6 to 8 months, and then he'll have the fluid removed. What he'll do at that time is stick in a needle, and draw it out. Sounds just wonderful:rolleyes: !!!
I thought I'd let you all know, especially after all the great advice I recieved to my posting about my problem:D .
Once again thank you all for your help,
I had surgery on March 8th, 07, and it was for a bi level spinal fusion of the L4,L5,S1. I'm not sure how often this happens, but I haven't heard of to may people on here needing blood transfusions the day after surgery either. I do think, that this is uncommon. For I haven't seen a posting on here about fluid on the spine, and I did search the old postings, and found nothing.
When I left the hospital, I still needed a drainage tub. Doc took that out 2 days later. I think this is wear the problem came from. I think he should of left it in longer, I was draining 150cc a day yet.
As for how long it will take for the fluid to go away, it's unclear. But the doc and I set it for 6 to 8 months to go away. If it doesn't then, we'll stick needle in to draw it out. He dosen't want to risk infection to the new bone growth, and spinal cord, which could lead to worse complications. So we wait.
How to dry it up? He didn't say, but I imagine, like water on the knee, it take time for your body to exsorbs it. I will do more research on it, to make sure I'm doing the right thing.
If I was you. I'd see how soon I could get in for a MRI. I posted a thread acouple weeks ago asking for advice on what to do. And what I was told on this thread, and my doc, the longer you wait the more perminate it is. Things could be wrong like mine, to tie of screw, a loose screw, screw fell out, or a new disk herniated. But the good thing I can tell you is, I woke up this way. I was worse at first, but it has been getting better ever so slowly.
My sister-in-law had a one level micro fusion in April 2005 and they removed the hardware in Nov. 2006. She was in horrible pain with her back and one leg. They told her it was fluid surrounding the hardware and fusion area. She said as soon as they did the removal of the hardware the pain resolved and they told her there was no longer any showing of fluid in the area. My drain from my fusion was pulled the 2nd day. It drained for weeks. I got so concerned that I went to my doctor. He wrapped it with this tape that was like heavy vinyl. It stopped dripping fluid in two days. I had to have a transfusion 17 days after surgery. I had gone back into the hospital with pneumonia and they thought I also Had DVT that was traveling to my lungs. I stayed 2 days in ICU for the pneumonia and a transfusion for anemia. I lucked out that they found my blood in the blood bank. They took 2 pints prior to surgery and I lost one pint in surgery. They shot me up with blood thinners for 3 days. Did this as a precaution, but test proved negative for a clot.

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