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Hi Yvette: I'm 4 yrs post op and sitting is still really hard to do especially longer than 1 hour. When you're in a car and sitting the additional bumping, twisting, and up and down movements cause additional stress on all the components of the spine. Your spine has natural curves that get distorted when you sit, causing pain and muscle spasms.

I've complained about this for years, and you just have to make sure you are sitting properly, use a cushion, if that helps, keep feet flat on the floor and don't cross your legs.

You still have a ways to go before you're healed, so be patient. Below is an explanation on sitting, bending, lifting etc that may help to explain why it hurts so much. You need to read through the whole link (sorry) to catch all the sitting references. I think I recall you had a low lumbar surgery??? Well that area is put in the most stress when sitting. As I sit here now, I have a burning pain in my butt, hip, lower back and tail bone. Does that sound familiar? I also have radiating leg pain too and sitting makes it worse. Now that it's warmed up I use ice a lot to sit on or put behind my back. I also take it in the car all the time, wouldn't go anywhere without it. I have to limit the time in the car and if it gets excruciating and I'm alone I pull off the road and lie down in the back seat for 20 mins or so, and that really helps. I know that's a pain, but that's what I have to do on trips that are more than 1 hour.


Good Luck...

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