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I started a thread under Urology which I have linked:


I talked with my mom and dad today and they told me back problems run in the family. I spoke with my dad and told him about the pain between my legs and he told me he had to have surgery on his back twice. One of the surgeries was because a disc was pressing on a nerve which was causing him to have groin/testicle pain with tingling sensations. My dad is convinced that the back pain is the cause of my problems which I listed in the Urology topic.

As of right now my back is very stiff and tender right above where my butt crack starts. I also have a hot burning sensation right in that area as well. When pressing on my back where is is tender I can feel a pain in my right butt cheek near my rectum which is where I am having some of my pain. Also, yesterday morning I woke up with extreme lower back pain which lasted about 10 minutes. It eventually went away, but I almost wanted to go to the hospital it was so bad.

I have experienced soar butt cheeks, pain in my rectal area, pain in my thighs and legs. I also ave a tingling sensation that goes from my butt cheeks, to my rectal area and into my groin area. However, it can start anywhere and not just happen in that order. I find that when I am laying in bed if I raise one of my legs off the bed the pain seems to almost completely disappear and the majority of the tingling stops.

None of these symptoms started until after I passed my Kidney stone. While I passed it I experienced unbearable back pain. I wanted my wife to kill me on the way to the hospital because it hurt so bad. I could hardly walk and had to crawl to the car. This pain was caused by my Kidney stone because I passed it at the hospital. Could passing the stone have done something to my back? Possibly pulling a muscle or moving something around and now something is touching something that it shouldn't be? What are your thoughts?

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