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This sounds like a huge mess but you certainly did not need me to tell you that you are living it. There is a reason for you pain, your leg giving out and you falling, and unfortunately it sounds like no one has properly diagnosed the problem which stinks. Sometimes the road to diagnosis can be painful and move at a snail pace. :mad: How frustrating for you especially when you are suffering.

As far as the bedside of the general practioner doctor you saw that leaves something to be desired. I would go into your normal doctors office and if need be go sit in the waiting room and tell them that you need to be seen today that you need help. When they see you are serious and in pain, hopefully they will feel compassion and help you out.

Since you were in a car accident, I assume insurance is paying for this. Are you in the U.S.? If so, can you make an appt directly with a spinal surgeon or neurosurgeon right away? It takes time to get into see them so better to have a couple appts scheduled so that you can cancel them if need be at a later time. I would gather copies of your reports, xrays and mri's so that you have them to take to the surgeon.

Good luck and know that you are in my prayers. Keep posting and keep us updated. We will try to help you thru it.

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