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HI all. I dont often start too many posts, but thought would update everyone on my journey of seeing a Pain Management Doctor today. It went really well, I think. I thought we were just going to talk, but we did that first, then he fully examined me. After we decided on this:

I have two separate issues, continued lower back pain/lowgrade sciatica on both sides, and nerve issues in the legs/feet.

Since my lower back pain is center stage all the time, we decided to do nothing at all about the nerve pain for the time being. He told me to let him know if we need to address it along the way.

He has 4 ideas/strategies in the lower lumbar and SI area that could be generating my pain. So he suggest to begin a process of elimination and test things to see what, if any relief is achieved in doing so.

First will be to try SI joint steroid injections (though he thinks might not be the problem, but still could be). He will do them in two sets, 2 weeks apart to see if I get any pain relief from them. If so, then we stop going further with other trials and focus here. If not, then,

Two, he will then look toward the facet joints as a possible, and shoot them with a numbing agent to put those areas to sleep. He will then send me off to do activity that would normally make my back ache more than usual and at the 4 hour mark.. call him and let him know how things went. Did I get relief any, alittle, all and on cloud nine! If relief, we stop here and treat by,

Three, doing ablation (nerve burining) at those facet joints. But if no relief, then

Four, consider removing the hardware to see if that relieves the pain. If that were to fail.. then I guess I am then FUBARred at that point and then thrown out to pasture till the buzzards come and clean me off the field! hehehe.

Nah.. the last resort would be to consider NS. He said it used to be focused use for leg pain, but the new ones do a really good job at reducing lower back pain by 50%.

So I like this guy's approach to trying to identify what's goin on. It's a start. I will call them next week and get the ball rolling. I was hoping for no more injections.. tha'ts what I get for hoping eh? hehehe.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! :wave:

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