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The results from my MRI scan indicate a small protrusion of L4/5 with slightly enlarged and irritated nerve root and mild lateral / intra-foraminal compression of the nerve root.

I haven't any pain whatsoever I just have pretty bad numbness & tingling in my thighs, knees and feet. The scary thing is I can't really feel anything when having sex ...

The numbness eases when sat down but is worse when I'm lying down. The doctors here have pretty much shrugged me off as I have no pain and no one is telling me what I should/shouldn't be doing.

One doctor told me I could lift anything I want too and another told me to take paracetamol/ibuprofen.

Will the numbness last?

Will I need surgery?

How do I un-compress the nerve root, does it happen naturally?

Will I ever be able to enjoy sex again (I'm only 32 ...)?!?

Will pain come eventually?

Any help / advice greatly appreciated.[/QUOTE]

What you need to look at is the Piriformis muscle. Did you have any trauma to the pelvis lately, just before you developed this numbness? Even a small bumpto the hip or jarring the leg up into the pelvic region can cause things to get out of whack. Happened to me, bumped the hip, got sciatica real bad within an hour, overnight the internal organs, all of them, went numb. Lasted for about 3 weeks, most of it came back except the numbness in the genital region. Like you, couldn't feel a thing down there. It took months to figure it out and finally found a doctor who dx'd Piriformis Syndrome. This can make muscles, nerves and your SI joints to get injured. My hip on the affected side was rotating outward and this was the crux to the injuries as the muscles that hold the hip in place also carry the pelvix wall muscles which carry the nerves branches to the genital region. The slight lumbar problem is probably not contributing to the problem, but simply a result of the lower problem you have.

When my numbness wore off I also had low back pain, which was the SI joints slipping because the muscles had been unused for 3 weeks. The tingling you're getting in the legs and feet is probably the sciatic nerve which is being irritated by the piriformis muscle in spasm. You're not getting it that bad right now because the pelvic nerves and muscles are in a bit of shock still. Be aware that you might also develope foot drop, but it shouldn't last too terribly long, mine lasted for 3 weeks. It came when I got the joint between the very bottom of my butt and the top of the leg bumped and hip the nerve that controlled the foot. It resolved suddenly one morning while driving to work.

Look at Piriformis Syndrome, because whatever you did to cause this is causing the S1-S2 nerve branch to stretch where it comes out of the sacrum at the tailbone and this is most likely causing the numbness.

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