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Good morning, everybody! I've come here once again for your expertise. Apologies in advance for the length! I started a thread about a month ago titled "Back Injury Problems -- or MORE?" (well actually, I just realized the typo so it reads "Back[B]y[/B] Injury Problems -- or MORE?", LOL!). Your responses were very helpful in encouraging me to press for more answers. I was diagnosed with MS a few months ago but just felt innately that some of my symptoms might be due to something other than that, possibly an injury I sustained to the left side of my lower back. My neurologist (MS specialist) had seemed very quick to attribute everything to MS and it left me uneasy. Here is the excerpt from that original post that concerned me and first brought me here:

[B][COLOR="Blue"][I]"Again, my injury was on the lower left part of my back -- and MOST of the symptoms are on my LEFT side of my body, aside for some tingling in my right hand and foot. Before I became aware that there was tingling on the right (granted, this MS diagnosis has made me ULTRA-aware!) the more prominent/passing "falling asleep" episodes were noticable on my left. My left arm went limp twice (thankfully only for a period of about a minute or two) and the front of my left thigh is reddish -- like the veins are more pronounced toward the surface. The hot/cold sensations I feel seem to pretty much be limited to that left leg -- when I get out of the shower the left thigh is noticably hot and the veins/reddness is more pronounced. Other times there is kind of like an "inner draft" -- a kind of cool shot."[/I][/COLOR][/B]

I had previously had just a brain MRI and was just about to go get one of the c-spine (all MRIs ordered have only in consideration of looking for MS related lesions). I thought it made sense to contact the neuro BEFORE the MRI to see if it made sense to do a FULL spine one instead of just the c-spine so I wouldn't have to keep going back. Long story short, tried to contact my neuro with a detailed message about my concern that some of my symptoms might not be MS related and about the back injury and my thigh. (I had also seen my regular doctor who described the thigh discoloration as looking like some sort of "livedo" and agreed that inquiring about doing an MRI of the whole spine was a good idea.)

No response from the neuro before the c-spine MRI so I had it done. Went to the neuro yesterday to get the results and check in. Good news for the MS part of this is that there were no lesions on my c-spine. Brought up the thigh discoloration and sensations and he didn't even want to LOOK at my thigh. Talked about the back injury and again, he was dismissive. He DID say it wouldn't be a bad idea to get an MRI of the thorasic spine because MS lesions can be occur there. So I left with the MRI prescription and not a lot of answers.

Even more disconcerting than that visit was that I read the radiologist's report on the way home and saw this for the first time:

"At C-4-5, C6 and C-7, disc osteophyte complexes are identified, most notable at C5-6 which results in mild central canal and foraminal stenosis. There is effacement of the ventral subarachnoid space at this level without cord compression or intrinsic cord signal abnormality." Also noted "There is dominant osteophyte/disc material extending to the left resulting in moderate left foraminal stenosis at C5-C6." The conclusive impression was noted as:
"Multilevel cervical spondylosis, most notable at C5-6".

I don't get the impression that this is very severe and no compression is noted but when I started to look up cervical sponylosis, it at least seemed that this can in fact cause some of the symptoms I've been having like tingling and my left arm going limp. (I know it doesn't explain the livedo or sensation on the thigh and everything else.) I would greatly appreciate any input on the MRI results, what this all really means (now and for the future) and if there could be presenting symptoms with this condition.

Regardless, I think these results would have have been worth him mentioning in my appointment, even though it's not MS related. If I hadn't requested a copy of the report I never would have known and that just seems very wrong. :nono: I feel that I STILL should do that lower third spine MRI (lumbar?) and not just the thorasic.

Thanks in advance for any input and once more, sorry for the long post!

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