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Well my goodness.. long time no hear!! While I am happy you dropped in, Im sad to see you are having a lot of new issues going on there, and pretty significant ones at that! My my my!

I really can't offer you any like stories with what you have goin on there. But I can relate to being spooked about the leg/back pain returning. I am also having some new issues and they do not know what is causing it. I have some mild sciatica on both sides, but it's random, and have occasional nerve pain down the legs.. again, it's random and not all the time.

Fusion for me looks amazing! It looks totally natural, like it was supposed to be that way, minus the bling bling there. But since I am still having some pain, they are considering removing the hardware. But we are gonna try some injections first to see if that can help identify an issue with either SI and/or Facet Joints.

My nerve pain is low priority and more of a nuisance than anything, so we are not even addressing that at this time. But he said if that changes to let him know and will focus on that as well. He, meaning, a Pain Management Doctor.

But I am holding my own for the most part. I still take one Vicodin/Skelaxin at night. It makes a difference whether I sleep more restful or not. And if Im flared up, then I might take another tab in the day. Regular NSAIDS just aren't quite enough to take the edge off enough.

I certainly do not bend with ease anymore, and I highly doubt I ever will. But I just take my time when getting down on the floor and getting up. I have a really sick doggie and requires me to get down on my knees many times throughout the day to care for him properly. While it hurts and strains at times, I honestly think it also helps stretch things out a tad.

I wouldn't think the stimulator would be of much help to you at this point. And if the one level is good and solid there.. it should hold indefinitely! Are you on any meds? And unfortunately, yes once could regress. Maybe not so much as regress, as possibly maxing out on healing and due to that, begin to feel or have issues of not fusing. Not sure if that is truly regression or not.

Well, Suzy.. please keep posting and hopefully we will get to hear that your issues soon resolve themselves. :wave: Tammy

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