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Thanks for taking the time to reply. Sounds like an MRI would be better. I'll talk to my doctor about it.

Cythren, the atrophy that you mentioned - what did that feel like? In the past 2 days, my right calf muscle feels like it has shrunk by 50%. In fact, my biggest area of discomfort is now my calf, not my hip. It makes it very awkward to walk.

Yes, my doctor did order a spinal x-ray, but I haven't had it done yet. What do you mean "to the cord level"? Just curious.

I didn't mention this, but this all started the morning after my usual workout at the gym. My hip had been bothering me a bit that day. While I was walking on the treadmill (at an incline), I felt a pop in my hip... and imMEDiately, the pain went away. I walked for another 20 minutes then did 5 minutes rowing before doing my weight work. I think that's where I went wrong. I should have stayed away from the weights for a while...

Thanks for the encouragement everyone!


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