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Harmony, first off hugs to you. Pain after a fusion is so frustrating because you go into the surgery and expect to come out dancing in 12 weeks.

This is what my doctor is telling me and I am 5 months out. Although I have a new herninated disc above my latest fusion done in Feb., they are telling me that my pain is coming from the surgical site and level. My sciatica leg pain hurts fierce.

My surgeon said that the leg pain can take up to one year or more to heal. I am not sure what type of pain you are having.

My surgeon feels that my leg is healing because instead of being full length leg pain (except for a little flare up I am having now) it is generally just in the foot. He feels it is to early to peg it as permament.

I am telling you this because in my case, the pain of healing from a fusion has been h*ll and definitely not an easy road of recovery. There are many ups and downs and frankly to be honest it takes forever.

I would recommend seeing if they are willing to do the MRI and go for it. Better to know that things are okay or not then to sit wondering whether or not it is normal. If you find out everything is normal, chances are its typical fusion healing. It hurts.

Hope this has helped you and I am lifting you up in prayer.

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